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Marcus R. Brown

Managing Member
Marcus R. Brown is Technical Director at Rainbow Studios in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is extremely passionate about developing games that are pleasing to players. He has both written and assisted in the creation of expandable, reusable game technologies and tools that have been used in both niche and AAA titles across a variety of game genres. As a 12-year game industry veteran, Marcus has both lead and assisted team members with backgrounds in various software engineering disciplines. He has shipped over 20 games and mobile applications, including titles in the acclaimed Madden, Guitar Hero, and Medal of Honor series. He has developed games on nearly every major gaming platform that has been released in the past two decades, from high-end game consoles (PlayStation 2 up to PlayStation 4, Xbox through Xbox 360, and Wii) to mobile devices (iOS and Android). With the release of C++14, and after attending CppCon for the first time in 2015, Marcus has become infatuated with modern C++ principles as they pertain to game development and other high-performance applications. He actively promotes modern C++ development practices while leading his teams in constructing high-quality games. Marcus has yet to find a challenge arising in game development that could not be bested by modern C++!